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Reviewing First Half Rotation Matchup Luck

Now that the unofficial second half of the MLB season is underway, every team looks to reassess its approach as the non-waiver trade deadline nears. Underperforming teams look to become “sellers”, while teams confident in their playoff chances seek new infusion of talent as “buyers”. Part of a team’s prospective outlook is its remaining strength of schedule. Teams that over or under performed their talent due to the MLB schedule in the first half may look to benefit in the second half.

Having poor luck with the scheduling can cause an MLB team to underperform, but in addition to this there the luck involved with rotation scheduling. For instance, on two separate occasions, the Braves had to face a stretch of 4 #1 caliber pitchers in a row, and one of these occurred in a stretch of games where 10 of the 12 opposing starters were #1 caliber. Similar “luck” has also occurred for the Phillies and Diamondbacks so far this year. While in some instances the team handled it well, in others it caused extended overall down turns.

This luck applies to both the rotation scheduling of the other team, but also your own, and the disparity between the two. Let’s evaluate the relative strength of rotations that each team has faced over the first half of the season, and the disparity in the quality of their starter versus that of the opposing team. Continue reading Reviewing First Half Rotation Matchup Luck


How Will the Cleveland Indians Handle Their Outfield Situation?

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The AP reports (via ESPN) that Cleveland Indians OF prospect Tyler Naquin will make the Opening Day roster, his first trip to the majors. Earlier in the week, Fox Sports reported that the Indians, despite the earlier-than-expected return of Michael Brantley (pictured) and the minor-league signing of Marlon Byrd, were still seeking help for their outfield, but this seems to clear that up. The Indians had an abundance of options and as the AP article mentions, they expect to carry 5 outfielders to start the season. Currently on the Indians Spring Training roster, there are at least 9 legitimate options to make the Opening Day Roster. These choices include probable starters Rajai Davis, Lonnie Chisenhall, and Naquin as well as some combination of the aforementioned Marlon Byrd, Joey Butler, Collin Cowgill, Will VenableRobbie Grossman, and Shane Robinson.

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